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Transparent Double-sided Nail sticker False Nails Glue*3pcs


Quick Building Poly Nail Gel 20ml Crystal Jelly Builder Nail Finger Extension

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3pcs 5pcs 100pcs False Nails Stickers Double-sided Stickers Glue




20 / sheet, including 5 sizes (each size 4 pcs).

It is characterized by colloid white, sticky, suitable for paste a variety of models of false

nails, not hand injury, easy to remove, will not remain in the nail


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  • Double side adhesive, ready to use
  • Suitable for both professional salon or home use
  • That yellow is the covering when peeled its clear tape
  • Especially for those who are allergic/sensative to nail art glue
  • OR if you just want a temporary application for a party, photo shoot, wedding etc. Just take you a few seconds.

Note :

Gently press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the false nail tip

Better not make up your nails before doing housework or taking shower(Not water-proof)

To remove ,soak fingers in warm water gently then move the false nail tips away from your fingers

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